(Italiano) Bibliografia

Caruso’s Contributions Index: 1964-2018

1. Bibliography

1.1. Chronological Bibliography, or: General Index of Published Writings 

1.2. Systematic Bibliography

1.2.1. Volumes: monographical & in coll. (with cover pics)
1.2.2. Editorships, and translations (with cover pics)
1.2.3. Contributions to volumes (with cover pics)
1.2.4. Contributions to journals (with cover pics)
1.2.5. Contributions to newspapers (with masthead pics)
1.2.6. Children’s Books, published anonimously (with cover pics)
1.2.7. Pamphlets, and University Lecture Notes

1.3. Bibliografia tematica

1.3.1. Human Sciences: Psychology and Psychoanalysis.
1.3.2. Social and Political Sciences: History of Ideas, Political Philosophy
1.3.3. Political analyses and militant contributions.
1.3.4. Cinema
1.3.5. Judaica
1.3.6. Fiction, Poetry.

2. Logography

2.1. Chronological Index of Live Contributions: Conference Papers, Lectures, etc.
2.2. Interviews: press, radio, television